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Thank you for coming to Warlock 3D Models!

  My name is Nicholas Hein and I am a 3D modeller. I have always loved to create and work on things for other people. The idea of being a character concept designer has always been high up there on my dream job list and this is one way I can do that!

  We are a small at-home family shop based out of Victoria, B.C. Canada. My partner, Sam, is amazing and helps out with the shop while I design all these fantastic models! Our dog Brandy keeps us smiling and is the best cheerleader we could ask for.

  Sam and I have been playing Dungeons and Dragons for over 2.5 years, which was more than long enough for her to become a dice goblin and for me to fall in love with creating models for our games. Playing D&D has given me the understanding that everyone has their own unique play style and requirements for minis, terrain, and dioramas. I would love to help any tabletop player bring their game to the next level, from home-brew creatures to amazing terrain!

  Cosplaying is also a passion for both Sam and I, so helping everyone with props and other costume accessories is a passion in our life. With that, I understand how particular and meticulous the community can be. For both accuracy in replicating, as well as staying true to their own vision. I put everything I can into every model I make.

  If you want a special request, I will work with you until you are satisfied with the concept. I will send you updates along the way to make sure you like how things are coming along.

  Please feel free subscribe to the email list where you will be updated whenever new models are finished or when we have a sale!

  Check out my Facebook & Instagram for sneak peek on new models and my progress and feel free to share all of your feedback and input! 

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