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Welcome to Warlock3DModels!

Here you will find all of my designs, models, kits and ways to inquire about the other services I offer.  Currently my 3D designs and commissions are booked up. 3D printing services of all of my models or models you supply if you need them printed. I am able to print with FDM printers; better for props diorama terrain and larger models and HD resin printers for tabletop miniatures and jewellery/trinkets. Both are great for prototypes of your own creations.



Thank you everyone for your support!



NO Problem.


Finished up this new game by the same Developers of Stars of Akarios! Mythwind, a super cute looking "living off the land" simulator! if you like stardew or harvest moon sort of games this one might be for you! Check out the Facebook page. Or check here if you'd like to pre-order! Backed almost instantly!

I'm currently working on a popular terrain set for one of my favourite table top skirmish wargames games! I have the main part of the set complete now and everything you need to make a complete board is finished. Though I am actively working on adding much more to the set so please stay tuned!  Unfortunately my site host doesn't allow me to update the file very seamlessly for my customers So you can find the set here at my Derelict damaged space ship!  As I update the files anyone who has purchased it will get email notifications from there.

You can also check out Stars of Akarios!

A super fun project for a really awesome looking space exploration board game! Their kickstarter was out of this world! If you're curious about the game you can check out its contents and price here at

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