Huge class Creature
What this order includes:
an SLA ( resin ) print of Baphomet kit
this model includes all the pieces you need to assemble and finish it with your custom paints and color pallet.

Everything brought you to this point, you and your allies have spent months down here in this confusing place. Finally its time, you push the rock doors open to see him on his throne. Crowned head of antlers all sharpened to points, eyes that could make any adventurers blood run cold. You grip your weapon tight as the king stands. He lifts his giant cleaver from where it lay against the throne, scrapping it against the ground. Breaking the still tension in the air, he is enormous, part of you wants to flee right now. Maybe Gorge still needs a hand on the farm? You hear an explosion as your friends start the fight. No time for those thoughts! His heavy hooven steps shake the ground under you as you charge! Now or never.

Baphomet the Horned King

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