Size: 5x7Inch wide and 5inch Tall
This model includes all the pieces you need to assemble and finish it with your custom paints and color pallet.

This lovely Blacksmith shop comes with a few extra things! The smith left in a rush for some reason. Rambling on about weird pushy customers... anyways!
As you can see, the shop has a few items already for sale inside! An excellent helmet, and a handful of swords. Oh, look an axe on the far wall there!
I must say the forger is quite charming almost looks like its alive, don't you think?
With the shop, you also get... drum roll, please...
- Some fence pieces,
- a barrel of water,
- an anvil and hammer,
- and a place to keep your chopped wood!

it's quite a steal if you ask me!

Black Smith and Yard Accessories

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