Size: 12inch across
This model includes all the pieces you need to assemble and finish it with your custom paints and color pallet.
The Skull Den is a great scary domain for any creature you want your party to face!

Yours lost you ... you have been walking for three days, and you're lost. Fog rolled in about an hour ago, it's weird it seems thicker than other fog. You feel it almost pushing against you every step you take. Making your movements feel slow; finally, you made it to a break in the fog!  What lays before you is a giant half barred skull with glowing sockets for eyes! To your surprise, you slip on the wet grass! By the time you look back up ... it's not a skull at all just a cottage ... This fog must have been setting off your imagination. From all those scary stories, your grandma used to tell you as a kid... The door of the cottage opens, and the smell of a nicely baked meal comes to your nose. Your stomach growls with delight. It's been a while since you had a good meal. " oh, what do we have here? Come in out of the chill, child my sisters and I have enough food for one more." What a kind old woman... why not?

Giant Skull Hag den

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