Printed Tarrasque model kit
size: gargantuan 
this model includes all the pieces you need to assemble and finish with your custom paints and color pallet.

Due to popular demand, we have made a scaled-up version of this model to make it even more terrifying! 

You have heard stories of such a creature from the elders in the guildhall. World eater that slumbers beneath the ruins north of the main city. Well, they were wrong about a few things. One it was not south of the main city it was south passed the jagged cliffs of Knifes Edge. Two, well.... it's no longer sleeping. You feel the ground quake beneath you as you see this horrifying hungry beast. It uses its massive clawed hands to dig into the earth at a ridiculous speed for a creature this size! Your companions do their best to usher it away from the city near by. Nothing we do seems to hurt it. We hear the forest near by groaning as the trees fall over due to being uprooted like some common vegetable. As it comes back to the surface, it lets out a cry so deep, and ancient everything else goes quiet... or have you become deaf.

Tarrasque 3D printed