size: 13" long x9.5" Wide x8" Tall
This model includes all the pieces you need to assemble and finish it with your custom paints and color pallet.

Well, well, well, you must be an adventurer, I know em when I see em. Welcome to the Warlock Tavern. Its been in my family for generations. We have had to rebuild a few times, once due to a dragon even... At least that's what my great-great-grandfather told the family.  Can you imagen... maybe you can. Nowadays it's these young ruffians.  Trying to make a name for themselves. causing fights, threatening people, even trying to collect "protection money." I'm too worried for my families well being, to do much. I try to help where I can... How long are you in town for? Think you could take care of these thugs for me? I'll give you what gold I can and free drinks for life! What chay say?


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