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  • What is the best glue to put the model together?
    With resin 3D printing, super glue or just the resin itself can work best. To use the resin, you will likely need a UV light to cure the parts together. For FDM prints super glue or a contact cement can work very good.
  • Do I need to prime my model?
    Some of the types of PLA plastic I use can hold paint okay, but it is always best to prime a model before painting. My favourite primer is: Rust-Oleum: 2 in 1 filler and sand-able primer. It helps smooth out some of those 3D printing lines. Sanding (and wet sanding) further helps to get the perfect surface you want.
  • What Programs and Printers do you use?
    I design my models in Blender, which is a Free open-sourced program! ( ) Other programs I use on tablet are IbisPaint and Nomad For 3D printers, I use Prusa MK2s and MK3, Ender 3 pro, and for resin, Anycubic mono x and M3 Max.
  • Can I get the commercial licence for your models?
    I do not currently offer commercial licenses to sell my products.
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