Huge creature class, 120mm high
Your players will go crazy over this wonderful model.

You hear them, day or night you hear them, whispering in your dreams warning you of the dangers. You are not safe; you have not been safe for some time now. Nighttime is the worst; You hear the thud of giant clawed footsteps coming down the hallway. Your breath stills to try to conceal your presence. Your body shakes with adrenaline as the shadow of the tentacle handed monster comes closer. You found a jagged rock to defend yourself with, its all you have now. This devastating creature killed your party and has been tracking you ever since. You can hear the two voices chattering incoherently in your head as the beast is about to round the corner and destroy you as they did to your friends. If you are going to go out at least let it be on your terms, You round the corner swinging with the sharp rock.  You hear it yell out in pain,  yes you did it! You hear muffled voices shouting at you as You flee the creature again, opening the doors and into the night — the sirens of the hospital ring out.

Demogorgon: Prince of Demons STL file

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