( for best resaults) Intended for printing with SLA (base in FDM or SLA)
Size: Gargantuan class

Had a good haul today, time to look it over in the hideout. A rundown building that got burnt down in a ride a month ago. Home sweet home, you dump your spoils on the ground a few coin bags, some jewlery and a wrapt object. Your not really sure why you grabbed the wrapt thing, the arrogant adventure that was speaked hushed on how rare it was and how it has to be with a kindom with all the trouble he went through to get it.  You unwrap it, holding your breath with antisipation on how cool this thing hast to be. Its a... its a.. dagger, a nice dagger, but just a dagger.  The hilt is covered in gold and carved into an ornate dragon. The blade itself is very well made, gold scale decorate the lenght of the blade.  You are statled by a crashing sound as the roof before you caves in. You manage to get out of the way just in time!  before you is the biggest snake you have ever seen!! A monster snake! No wait it has wrings... and a dragons face. What the ..." You will pay for stealing my treasure!" a booming voice sais in your skull rattling your brain.  The creatures wings outstretche and a angry rawr leaves the month of this armored beast. Ma'ma always said I should change my line of work, you think as the creature glares down at you as the dagger in your hand grows hot.

Guardian Dragon STL file

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