size: 32.5 x 24.4 x 19.9tall (cm)

well, well, well, you must be an adventurer, I know em when I see em. Welcome to the Warlock Tavern. Its been in my family for generations. We have had to rebuild a few times, once due to a dragon even... At least thats what my great great grandfather told the family.  Can you imagen... maybe you can. Now a days its these young ruffians.  Trying to make a name for themselves. causing fights, theatening people, even trying to collect "protection money." I'm too worried for my families well being, to really do much. I try to help  where I can.... How long are you in town for? think you could take care of these thugs for me? I'll give you what gold I can and free drinks for life! what chya say?


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